Wow Pot

Wow Pot LogoThe original Wow Pot has charmed countless players. It offered massive paylines that frequently made headlines, and was one of Microgaming’s most popular slots. Unfortunately, that legacy could not stop its aging software from weighting it down. Eventually, the developer had to pull the plug on Wow Pot, though they did so with a promise. Wow Pot would be back, bigger than ever before.

Microgaming would offer us a pleasant surprise in 2020. They announced the first new Wow Pot game would launch in February. Additional games would be released later to allow players to try to win these fantastic prizes. Today, Wow Pot consists of four games which share the same progressive jackpots. Join us as we discuss the payout details and the individual games you can play.

The Jackpot

Wow Pot Jackpot

The new Wow Pot jackpot consists of not one, but four progressive jackpots. These are the mini, minor, major and Wowpot! jackpots, sorted from least to most valuable. Unlike many other titles, Wow Pot offers global jackpots. No matter what casino you are playing in, the rewards will be the same. This allows the progressive jackpots to increase in value much faster, and create some mouth-watering wins.

Microgaming has also done their part in making the jackpots attractive. They do this by offering high seed values for the four prize pools. The mini, minor and major jackpots are seeded at 10, 100 and 50,000 euros when they are won. The Wowpot! jackpot is seeded at a massive two million euros when won, however, at the time of us writing this, no one has succeeded in winning the biggest prize.

Wow Pot’s rarity is not unexpected. The high seed value makes us believe the largest jackpot is supposed to be an incredibly rare win. If this is the design intention of the developers, they are on the right track. Rare but massive wins are the perfect way to capture the record-setting, headline grabbing spirit of the original.

Activating the jackpot bonus is slightly different for each title. However, the actual special feature is identical across all four games. You are taken to a colourful wheel, where each jackpot is marked with a specific colour. The more valuable a jackpot is, the less positions on the wheel it has.

The wheel spins, and the colour it lands on is the progressive jackpot you win. You are guaranteed to win one of the four jackpots if you trigger the bonus. You cannot win more than one progressive jackpot at a time.

Wheel of Wishes

Wheel of Wishes

When it came time to resurrect WoW Pot, one slot had the task to bring the jackpots back to life. Microgaming selected Wheel of Wishes for this important assignment, and poured their heart and soul into the game. The result speaks for itself. A simple title with gorgeous visuals and fun special features that we would play regardless. The fact it offered four incredible progressive jackpots just made it even better.

This release is set in the midst of a sprawling desert. The background image can be daytime or night time, depending on whether power mode is on. All the action takes place on a five-reel, three-row board with ten paylines. The RTP for Wheel of Wishes is 93.34% during normal mode, and 92.24% in Power Mode. The top prize you can win is 500x in this low volatility slot.

Power Mode

Wheel of Wishes Power SpinsYou can choose to turn Power Mode on.

This will increase how much you pay by 10x your initial stake. If you were playing for £10, you will be wagering £100 instead.

The increased cost allows you to play Power Spins permanently.

If you want an increased chance of activating the progressive jackpot, we suggest enabling Power Mode.

Power Spins

Wheel of Wishes ScatterLand two Scatters in any position on the playing field to unlock a Power Spin.

Reels two, three and four will be combined into a single reel with colossal symbols. One of the icons that can appear in this giant middle reel is the bonus wheel activation. Landing the bonus wheel symbol in full view activates the progressive jackpot bonus.

Reels one and five will transform into matching high value icons, increasing your odds of winning.

Book of Atem Wow Pot

Book of Atem

The second addition to the WoW Pot family came in July 2020. This time around, Microgaming was taking us to the land of ancient Egypt. Once again, the software provider opted for something simple but instantly recognisable. Based on the popular Book mechanic, the game offered a seductive mix of big wins and gorgeous visuals.

Unlike most releases set in ancient Egypt, there is not a pyramid in sight. Instead, the background image depicts a sprawling palace; likely a pharaoh’s residence. You play this slot on a five-reel, three-row board with ten fixed paylines. The RTP for Book of Atem Wow Pot is 93.5%, with 5.3% of that being the progressive jackpot contribution. The top prize you can win in this high volatility game is 5000x your total stake.

Free Spins

Book of Atem Scatter WildThe book represents both the Wild and Scatter symbol simultaneously. Find three or more of this icon to unlock ten free spins.

Before any free spins are played, a random symbol is chosen as an expanding icon. The chosen symbol will only expand if it completes a winning combination.

During the bonus, the expanding icon does not need to be on adjacent reels or start with the leftmost reel to form a win.

Jackpot Activation

Winning the progressive jackpot in this release is random. The only prerequisite is the need to have at least one Wild-Scatter symbol on the board.

It is possible to win the jackpot during free spins, however, it will not be awarded until after free spins have been played.

The higher your wager, the better your chances of winning the jackpot are.

Sisters of Oz Wow Pot

Sisters of Oz

Follow the golden brick road to find the third addition to the WoW Pot family. Sisters of Oz tasks us with assisting four pretty witches in brewing their potions. The slot shares a similar aesthetic to another popular Microgaming title called Book of Oz. However, there is very little overlap in terms of gameplay here. The sisters have their own agenda, and we need to help them if we want to win big.

The background image depicts the famous golden brick road as it winds through a rather dense swamp. Tall trees and thick plant life prevent us from admiring too many details, keeping our focus on the playing field. The game is played on a five-reel, four-row board with twenty fixed paylines. The RTP for this release is 92%. The top prize you can win in this medium variance title is 720x your total stake.

Jumbo Blocks

Sisters of Oz Jumbo BlocksDuring both normal gameplay and free spins, the four witch icons appear stacked on the reels. This allows them to cover multiple positions, increasing the odds of landing a win.

If multiple matching symbols appear on the middle three reels, they can form a jumbo block.

The jumbo block’s maximum size is 3×4, and gives you an excellent view of the relevant witch. Pair it with Wilds or other matching icons and you get a guaranteed win.

Free Spins

Sisters of Oz Scatter WildSimilar to Book of Atem, the golden book is both a Wild and Scatter. Find three, four or five Scatters to win a cash prize and unlock five, seven or ten free spins.

During free spins, Jumbo Blocks are guaranteed to appear. All wins except for jackpot payouts are doubled when this bonus is active, too.

Extra Scatters can appear on reels one and five. Two at the same time will unlock three extra free spins.

Jackpot Activation

Sisters of Oz Jackpot SymbolsThe progressive trigger symbol cannot appear on the reels on its own. It can only land on top of potion icons already on the board.

Each time one appears, you have a chance to trigger the progressive jackpot bonus we described earlier. The higher your bet, the better your chances of activating it are.

If you activate both free spins and the progressive jackpot at the same time, the jackpot bonus is played first.

African Legends

African Legends

The latest addition to the Wow Pot progressive jackpot is African Legends. Unlike the other three releases, this one is a little bit different. First, it only has a single progressive jackpot tier, rather than all four. Second, that progressive jackpot is not granted using the same progressive jackpot bonus described earlier. If you want to hunt for the highest paying jackpot, you will have to skip this slot.

Which is a shame, given its quality. The visuals are top notch, set somewhere in the African savannah. You can tell the artists went all out bringing it to life! The gameplay loop is very satisfying as well. You play this game on a five-reel, three-row board with 243 ways to win. The RTP for this release is 94.92%, with just a 0.7% contribution by the progressive jackpot. Your top prize in this medium variance slot is 1200x.

Wild Blast

African legends Wild BlastWild Blast will transform up to five positions on the board into Wilds.

This happens randomly, but can only occur when Rolling Reels are not active.

Rolling Reels

Rolling reels activate every time you win. Winning symbols are removed from the board to make room for new icons. Existing symbols fall down to fill up empty places, while new icons appear from the top.

This allows players to score multiple consecutive wins for the cost of a single spin. Rolling Reels is the backbone of all other bonuses in African Legends.

Multiplier Trail & Jackpot

African Legends JackpotEvery consecutive win via Rolling Reels helps you progress further on the multiplier trail.

Your first roll grants a multiplier of 2x, then your second roll awards a 3x multiplier.

The multiplier steadily climbs up to roll 6, when it jumps from 6x to 8x. Roll seven increases the multiplier to 10x.

Finally, eight consecutive rolls grant the Wow Pot major progressive jackpot.

Higher bets increase your chance of winning the jackpot.

Free Spins

Four or more consecutive wins using Rolling Reels will also unlock free spins. A multiplier accompanies the free spins bonus. The number of achieved rolls determines both the number of free spins and the multiplier value. You can see the breakdown listed below.

  • 4 rolls – 12 free spins with 5x multiplier
  • 5 rolls – 15 free spins with 6x multiplier
  • 6 rolls – 18 free spins with 8x multiplier
  • 7 rolls – 20 free spins with 10x multiplier

Biggest Jackpot Wins

Chanz earns the Sisters’ favour – £148,234

While playing Sisters of Oz Wow Pot, a lucky player from Estonia managed to win a prize worth £148,234. The man won his prize at Chanz casino, and the win even made it into Estonian newspapers! The thirty-three year old said he won the jackpot after 70-80 spins, while betting one euro per spin.

Book of Atem Breaks Record – £874,767

On 7 February 2021, Microgaming announced the largest-ever major tier Wow Pot win. The player who won the prize chose to remain anonymous. The total prize he won while playing Book of Atem Wow Pot was £874,767. Even though we don’t know much about how the lucky winner chose to spend his reward, we can only assume the winnings were a life-changing surprise.

Another Big Book Win – £319,148

Book of Atem Wow Pot was also responsible for a £319,148 jackpot at Maneki casino. There, a lucky player managed to win the prize with just a half a euro bet. He managed to win the jackpot less than thirty minutes after starting the session. When interviewed, the winner was quite surprised, but happy. It was his first significant win, so we congratulate him.

Wheel of Wishes Grants a Trio of Wins – £396,356.1

Just a little bit after Wheel of Wishes first launched, it delivered not one but three separate wins! All three prizes were Major jackpots, and were won with a few days distance between them. First came a £274,896 jackpot on 13 February. Then, a £85,749.2 prize was won two days later, on 15 February. Finally, the third jackpot worth £35,710.9 was paid on 19 February 2020.

Wheel of Wishes Lands Big Win – £196,301

On 29 March 2020, a player won a Major jackpot worth £196,301 while playing Wheel of Wishes. This comes a month after the same game delivered on a trio of impressive wins. It’s great that Microgaming keeps informing us on how well their new progressive series is going. You can be sure that we will keep tracking wow wins from Wow Pot.