Tunzamunni LogoTunzamunni is a three-reel, three-row online slot with one active payline. The game was created by Microgaming, and offers a medium variance outside of the progressive jackpot. The RTP for this title is 90.03%, which is below the current industry average. This release has only one progressive jackpot. Its current value is always visible in big red letters present above the playing field.

Unlike most other online slots, Tunzamunni does not have any other special features. The only bonus players can take advantage of is the progressive jackpot. No free spins, Wilds, or any other form of enhanced gameplay is available.

The Jackpot

Tunzamunni Jackpot

The jackpot is highlighted in bold red numbers above the reels. The value is constantly ticking up with every spin a player makes. This slot has a local jackpot. Unlike Mega Moolah, this Microgaming title is not integrated with other casino games. That means the jackpot’s growth is slower, but you have less competition to win it.

How do you go about winning this impressive prize? First, you will need to play with all five coins active. After that, you need to land three lucky seven symbols in a specific order. The silver seven goes first, then the red seven, then the blue seven. If all of these conditions are met, you win the progressive jackpot.

Even outside of the progressive jackpot, you can score some impressive wins. Getting the lucky seven jackpot combination always grants an impressive prize if you can pull it off. One, two, three or four active coins will pay 2500, 5000, 7500 and 10,000 coins. Not as good as the progressive jackpot, but far above our expectations.

Tunzamunni Gameplay & Features


You play this release on a 3×3 board with just one fixed payline. This means only winning combinations on the centre payline will grant a cash prize. It does not matter if you have the exact combination of sevens needed to win the jackpot. If they are not on the one available payline, it will not be counted as a win. Tunzamunni has six base game icons. Three are different types of bars and three are different types of sevens.

Symbol designs are somewhat boring and the background is not much better. The reels and paytable take up the vast majority of the screen space. What little is left is spent on the Tunzamunni logo. We can see bits and pieces of a lush jungle under the reels and above the paytable. We can see a small heap of gold coin and diamonds right beneath the aforementioned logo. The background is very basic window dressing meant to keep your attention on the reels.

Wins are granted by finding three identical symbols next to one another. All winning combinations must start with the leftmost reel and follow the sole active payline. If these conditions are met, you will receive the associated cash prize.

This is an older title, and the user interface clearly shows it. You can set your user interface to display basic or expert betting mode. The only difference lies in the options you can tweak. With just one payline, you cannot toggle it on or off at will. The coin value is also set to £0.05 and cannot be altered. The only thing you can change is how many coins you want to have active. We suggest sticking to five, as you will not qualify for the jackpot otherwise.

The slot has an RTP of 90.03%. This is far below the average compared to modern titles, which come with an RTP of 96% and above. Having said that, this title did come out in 2004, so applying modern standards does feel a little out of place. The rest of the game has a medium variance. It works well enough, even if the absence of any special features does make it feel dull at times.

Biggest Jackpot Wins

All Slots Player Wins Big – £18,639.1

While playing at All Slots casino, Janie P. was able to bag a fantastic prize. The woman had won a massive £18,639.1 payout while playing at twenty-five cents per spin. Janie said she had dreamed of getting those three lucky sevens needed to win the night before. It was awesome lucky on her end, but it would not end there.

Janie P Wins again! – £26,877.4

The fifty-two year old woman would end up landing another big progressive jackpot just a few months later. This time around, the win would occur at Lucky Nugget casino. She won more than last time, as well. She scored an impressive £26,877.4 this time around. Sadly, Janie would not score Tunzamunni’s jackpot a third time.

Jackpot at the Gaming Club – £17,488.6

Another big Tunzamunni winner was Jeff, who scored £17,488.6. He won the jackpot playing at the Gaming Club casino. Jeff said he was playing for twenty minutes before the biggest prize dropped in his lap. Sometimes minutes are enough to change your life around, huh?

Another Gaming Club win – £25,918.0

Gaming Club would follow-up with another jackpot reward for its players. This time, the lucky winner was Veronica V, a fifty-three year old office manager. She was recuperating from a foot operation when she scored the £25,918.0 jackpot.

Jackpot at Platinum Play – £9,634.57

Paulo E. was lucky enough to score a Tunzamunni jackpot shortly after Janni’s first win. He won £9,634.57, and said he planned to use the money to pay his grandmother’s hospital wins. Unlike other winners, he had spent several hours playing before getting lucky with the jackpot.

Multiple Jackpot Winner – £153,840

Vegas Partners Lounge found someone who could overshadow Janni’s double win. Marc R. had won over £349,542 across five separate games. The vast majority of his wins came from Tunzamunni. It granted a £153,840 to the lucky man, which made up nearly half of his total wins. Hats off to Marc. That kind of luck is tough to beat!