Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams LogoIn the case that it is not evident from the title, Mega Fortune Dreams is an expansion of the Mega Fortune “universe”. This is a follow-up slot machine to the mega-popular Mega Fortune, both flagship products of Net Entertainment.

Mega Fortune Dreams rolled out in July 2014. It kept many aspects of the original game, yet includes advanced animations and graphics, as well as more sophisticated mechanics in terms of triggering bonuses and winning prizes. The structure stays at 5 reels and 20 paying lines, with up to three progressive jackpot payouts.

The RTP is 96.4%, which is quite favourable for an online progressive jackpot slot. Similar games usually feature much lower return rates. Surely this characteristic adds to the overall popularity of Mega Fortune Dreams, both on desktop and on mobile.

The Jackpot

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot

Much like Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams comes complete with not one, but three progressive jackpot payouts. Players can earn their chance to obtain one of them by activating the main bonus game. Before we get to the bonus round that leads to a progressive jackpot win, let’s take a closer look at the three possible accumulated payouts. The three available jackpots are:

  • Rapid Jackpot – the lowest win, functions as a local jackpot whose size depends on the casino that delivers the game. On average, the Rapid jackpot’s size is in the range of €600 to €750. Sometimes the payouts can be €200 or €400. The Rapid pot grows thanks to the players at the casino you are playing at who are also playing Mega Fortune Dreams. At maximum bet, the odds of winning this prize are 9.28%.
  • Major Jackpot – the medium win, functions as a networked jackpot. This means that all players that bet on Mega Fortune Dreams in all the casinos that offer the game contribute to the prize. The average win for this jackpot is usually between €60,000 and €80,000 and the odds of obtaining it at maximum bet are 0.0928%.
  • Mega Jackpot – the highest win and also a networked jackpot prize. All the players that play this game anywhere online will add a portion of their bet to the pot. The jackpot value of the Mega jackpot never goes lower than one million, and usually pays around €3,744,729 on average. This typically happens every 11 weeks or so. The odds of triggering the Mega jackpot while in the bonus game is 0.0102%, at maximum bet.

None of the three progressive prizes are awarded randomly. The player needs to activate the main bonus round by landing three bonus wheel symbols on the last three reels of the game engine (reels 3, 4 and 5). Once that happens, a secondary screen will open and the player will play the wheel of fortune special round, hoping to hit it big.

Mega Fortune Dreams Bonus WheelThe wheel consists of three wheel rings, three concentric reels. The round starts with the outermost reel/wheel. It will turn and come to a stop, showing a cash amount that the player has won or an arrow that allows him or her to advance to the second wheel ring. If you manage to pass over to the second ring, you will have a chance to play for higher cash prizes or an instant Rapid jackpot. If the wheel stops on an arrow once again, you will reach the innermost wheel. This ring contains both the Major and the Mega jackpot values, as well as even higher cash rewards. Spin the inner wheel and hope to land on the chief prize.

If you succeed, you will likely become an instant millionaire; if not, you will be paid a sizeable win nonetheless. Of course, you will be able to see the sizes of the jackpots above the reels at all times, so you can keep track of their values and when is a good moment to start betting to win a prize as biggest as possible.

Mega Fortune Dreams Gameplay & Features

Mega Fortune Dreams Paytable

The life of luxury and glamour is still the subject that is the main inspiration for the Mega Fortune Dreams theme. In comparison to the Mega Fortune, though, Mega Fortune Dreams has an even shinier, new look. The machine is built upon 3 rows and 5 reels of spinning symbols, with no more than 20 paying lines. The players cannot alter the number of active lines, but they can adjust the betting level (from 1 to 4) and also set the coin value size using the tools provided in the control panel below the reel grid.

Signs of Wealth in the Paytable

Mega Fortune Dreams WildThe designers did not abandon the idea of tickling your imaginations with symbols of wealth, power and prosperity. The paytable features a number of such symbols, from stacks of cash, a glass of cognac and an ashtray with a Cuban cigar next to it to a yacht and a limousine. Think of a multimillionaire businessman – what else would he have plenty of in his life? Tropical holidays! The game’s Wild icon is a beautiful view with palm trees and clear seas, which substitutes all the other symbols besides the bottle of champagne, as it is the Scatter.

Extra In-game Features

Mega Fortune Dreams ScatterWild substitutions are not the only special feature Mega Fortune Dreams has to offer. After all, this is a modern video slot that brings more elements to the table. The Scatter symbols play an important role in triggering the Free Spins round. Collect at least three of them anywhere on the reels and you will be able to secure a certain number of gratis spins. Depending on how many Scatter symbols you collect, you will receive 10, 15 or 20 freebies (for 3, 4 or 5 triggering symbols, respectively). The round is further upgraded with multipliers. You start with all wins being tripled and with collecting more Scatters, you may provoke the multiplier index to grow bigger. The maximum multiplier that you can get is x10.

What is more, in Mega Fortune Dreams you can receive a re-spin every time you land three or more Wilds on a single spin.

Biggest Jackpot Wins

Mega Fortune Dreams is just as sought-after as its predecessor. The better graphics are great but the big jackpot is arguably what draws so many people to play the game. In the same vein, knowing that people have actually won the Mega jackpot in Mega Fortune Dreams many times before is the ultimate motivation to keep playing. Here are some of the most notable Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot wins:

€4 Million Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Goes to Finland

Only six spins of the reels were sufficient to make 28-year old Heidi from Finland an instant multimillionaire! She played NetEnt Mega Fortune Dreams slot, entered the bonus round and was fortunate enough to reach the inner ring of the bonus wheel. The wheel stopped at the Mega jackpot, which at that point had the value of €4,009,504. Heidi’s reaction remains unknown to the public, as well as the plans she has with hew newly acquired fortune.


Another €4+ Million Jackpot Won on Mega Fortune Dreams

The Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot was heading towards the highest wins ever delivered by the game, when in September 2019 it was won at the value of €4,853,228 million. It was the 26th Mega Jackpot win since the video slot came out in July 2014 and it has been 29 weeks since the last win occurred. Even though the jackpot didn’t manage to get to a record high, it became the third-highest Mega Fortune Dream jackpot win won since the game was launched.

Betsson’s Lucky Mega Fortune Dreams Player Scores the €4.3M Jackpot

A 65-year-old woman landed a gigantic €4.3 million prize while playing Mega Fortune Dreams at Betsson in spring 2019. It was the second huge payout that month, following a €3,542,863 jackpot that dropped earlier in March. The woman staked only €4 and bagged €4,333,667.97.


€4.6M on Mega Fortune Dreams at Casumo Casino

Casumo published a record win on Mega Fortune Dreams – a 30-year-old customer managed to score the jaw-dropping 4.6 million euro jackpot with only a €1 stake. The user registered with Casumo only a couple of hours prior to his mega win. He was playing the mobile version of the game, chilling around midnight when the lucky spin occurred and made him an instant millionaire.


LeoVegas Mobile Casino Player Wins €5.5 Million Playing Mega Fortune Dreams

A player from Sweden won a staggering €5.5 million jackpot prize on Mega Fortune Dreams on the 2nd of July 2017. Not many details were announced about this happy event, but we know that the final amount was €5,506,001 which equates to over £4.8 million. The winner was a 57-year-old woman who invested just €31 into the game and received a life-changing return. A LeoVegas Casino representative commented on the big jackpot win, saying: “My guess is that our latest multi-millionaire will have a great summer!’’ No doubt about that! There are also no doubts about these people not being the only Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot winners. There will be many more to come.