Mega Drop

Mega Drop JackpotEverybody dreams of winning big. That is the charm of progressive jackpots – delivering a massive, life-changing win in a blink of an eye. Jackpots can reach incredible milestones, and can grant millions in a spin. However, that kind of gameplay loop is not appealing to everyone. The uncertainly of when the next big win will come around can make players unwilling to participate.

Scientific Games recognized this issue when designing the Mega Drop progressive jackpots. As such, the team built them around expected maximum rewards in mind. While every spin could result in big wins, you knew when the progressive jackpot was nearing its drop. With the introduction of syndicated jackpots, the developers also allowed players to increase their odds of winning for a price.

The Jackpot

Mega Drop Jackpot

Mega Drop offers players not one but three progressive jackpots to enjoy. These are the minor, major and epic jackpots, arranged from least to most valuable. Their jackpot values are global, shared between all eligible casinos that host their games. As such, the prize money climbs quickly, increasing the odds of landing a win. Doubly useful when considering the max award system.

Each jackpot has a must drop value attached. These are 1500, 5000 and 15,000 for the minor, major and epic jackpot, respectively. The displayed values are currency-agnostic, and depend from the online casino you are playing with. You will receive your prizes in euros, dollars or pounds depending on the operator’s jurisdiction.

After a jackpot is won, its value is reseeded with 25% of the won jackpot amount. If someone wins a £5000 major jackpot, it will be reseeded at £1250. Two percent of each wager you place contributes to the current jackpots. Your contributions proportions are broken down in the table below.

Jackpot Pool Current Jackpot Percentage Reseed Jackpot Percentage
Epic 0.300 0.100
Major 0.525 0.175
Minor 0.675 0.225

Unique to this progressive jackpot is Mega Drop Quest. This gives players the opportunity to share the progressive jackpot win with other online casino players. When you start the game, you can choose to play for one of three syndicated progressive jackpot teams. Each team is based around a progressive jackpot – minor, major or epic.

If a player in the team you have joined activates the prize, all contributing players receive part of the jackpot. Only players who have contributed to the selected jackpot in the last fifteen minutes are eligible to win. The amount of cash you get is proportional to how much you contributed in that fifteen-minute period. Syndicated players only contribute to their selected jackpot.

You do not have to take advantage of Mega Drop Quest. You can also choose to play solo, and be eligible for all three jackpots. That means any jackpots you win are entirely your own. However, it also means you get nothing if syndicated players score a progressive jackpot.

All three progressive jackpots, unless otherwise specified, are won randomly. You can only win one progressive jackpot at a time.

Prism Blast

Prism Blast

Complex titles have their time and place. However, there are times you just want some sweet and simple action. That is exactly what Prism Blast offers. A slot with pretty if basic visuals, and basic special features you immediately understand. This game is the perfect pick for jackpot chasers. Even if you fail to win the progressive jackpots, you can land an impressive top prize playing this release.

Prism Blast uses a plain, dark background, which helps highlight the colourful reels and symbol designs. The slot is played on a five-reel, three-row board with twenty fixed paylines. The RTP for this game is 97.10% with Mega Drop enabled, and 95.10% without it. The largest non-progressive jackpot win you can achieve in this release is 15,000x your total stake.

Wild Blast

Prism Blast Wild BlastEvery spin has a chance of activating this bonus. It will blast one or more Wilds on the playing field, which will then become sticky.

A re-spin is then played with all Wild held in place. If one or more Wilds appear on the board, one more re-spin is granted.

The special feature continues until no more Wilds appear on the playing field.

Only one re-spin is granted per spin, regardless of the number of Wilds that appear.

Book of Relics

Book of Relics

Many great secrets of ancient Egypt lay buried beneath the sands of time. Tall statues are all that is left of a once great temple. Tattered red banners show just how much time has passed. Despite all of this, bold players can step forward and discover the Book of Relics hidden within. Within it, you will find the forgotten knowledge of how to win big. Are you bold enough to open the forbidden texts?

We quite like the background image. Two statues of Anubis flanking the reels looks fantastic. The torn up banners and sand tell us a lot of time has passed since this abandoned structure was used. The slot is played on a five-reel, three-row board with ten fixed paylines. The RTP for this game is 96.36% with the progressive jackpot, and 94.36% without it. The top prize you can win is 500x your total stake.

Free Spins

Book of Relics ScatterThree, four or five book Wild-Scatters will grant ten, fifteen or twenty free spins. It also grants a mounting cash prize.

It is possible to retrigger free spins by landing three, four or five Scatters again during the bonus.

Free spins are played automatically, with the same wager that triggered the special feature.

Expanding icons

Book of Relics Expanding SymbolsBefore free spins begin, one symbol is selected randomly to be the expanding icon. This symbol will cover the entire reel when it lands, and will only do so if it will result in wins.

The expanded icon does not have to start with the leftmost reel. They also do not have to be adjacent to one another to form wins.

If you win extra free spins, the expanded symbol remains the same.

Ultimate Ink

Ultimate Ink

Tattoos comes in all shapes and sizes. They range from a permanent dedicated to your loved ones to legitimate body art. We have seen plenty of them over the years, and seeing an incredible tattoo still makes us excited. Ultimate Ink taps into this and a slight hint of nostalgia for its theme. The result is an undeniably attractive release with a delightful collection of retro tats.

The slot takes place inside an old-timey tattoo parlour. We can see parts of the shop as part of the background image, but most of it is covered up. The game is played on a five-reel, four-row board. Players can play with up to 1024 ways to win, depending on how many reels they have active. The RTP for this release is 96% with Mega Drop, and 94% without it active.

Free Spins

Ultimate Ink ScatterLand three, four or five Scatters to unlock eight, fifteen or twenty free spins. You will also receive a small cash prize for winning the Scatters.

During free spins, any Wilds that land on the board will appear with a 2x or 3x multiplier. If multiple Wilds are present, their multipliers are added together. This can drastically boost your wins, though the increased payout does not apply to progressive jackpots.

Land at least two Scatters during free spins to retrigger the special feature.

Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom

Magical kingdoms frequently appear in many of our favourite stories. The fantasy genre has been key in establishing magical monarchies in our eyes, which we quite like. Now, thanks to WMS, we have a chance to visit an Enchanted Kingdom. Enjoy the view and make sure to kiss the frog if you come across it. Your hard work and benevolence will be paid back with lucrative wins.

We like the background image. It depicts a heavily forested area, with a nearby castle and an occasional floating fairy roaming about. You play this slot on a five-reel, three-row board with thirty fixed paylines. The RTP for this game is 96.19% with Mega Drop enabled, and 94.19% without it. The top prize you can win outside of progressive jackpots is 9000x your total stake.

Free Spins

Enchanted Kingdom ScatterGet three or more Scatters to unlock twenty free spins.

Additional Scatters will not unlock additional free turns, but will increase the cash prize you win. Wilds can substitute for all icons, and that includes Scatters.

During free spins, all prizes except for progressive jackpots have their payouts tripled. You will have to take advantage of this bonus to win the 9000x fixed jackpot.

Wager Saver

Enchanted Kingdom Wager SaverThis bonus becomes available when a player’s balance becomes lower than their previous total bet.

For example, if you wager £10 per spin, the special feature would only activate if your balance fell below £10. You can stake the remainder of your balance to win 1x, 3x or 5x the value of your previous bet.

The dial has to land in the green area for you to win the Wager Saver bonus.

If it lands in red, you lose your remaining balance.

Wicked Dragon Wilds

Wicked Dragon Wilds

We hope you are not bored of magical kingdoms just yet, because Wicked Dragon Wilds are next. While the previous title was a relaxing journey, this one pits you against a powerful, fire-breathing lizard. Slaying the fierce red drake will result in a decent payout. However, what we like most about this release is the myriad of special features it gives you.

Once again, the background image depicts a keep. This time, we are staring up at the castle, which shows how massive those towers actually are. This slot is played on a five-reel, three-row board with twenty fixed paylines. The RTP for this game is 96.15% with the progressive jackpot active, and 94.15% without it. The top prize you can win playing this title is 500x your total stake. Obviously, this is not accounting for progressive jackpots.

Wild Modifiers

Wicked Dragon Wilds ModifiersBefore you can start spinning the reels, WMS’ release will ask you to pick one of three Wild modifiers. Feel free to choose whichever suits your fancy.

You can change which one is active later by clicking on the three-card button on the user interface. The modifiers become active when a Wild symbol lands on the reels. Available Wild modifiers and their effects are listed below.

  • Re-spin Wilds activate on any non-winning spin that has a Wild present on the board. Reels that contain Wild icons are locked in place, while other reels spin again. Re-spins continue to be played until a winning combination is formed.
  • Spreading Wilds launch between one to five fireballs whenever one or more Wilds appear on the board. Each fireball will convert an existing symbol into another Wild. Payouts are evaluated after additional Wilds are added to the board.
  • Persisting Wilds makes any Wilds that appear on the playing field lock in place. A re-spin occurs, with the goal of landing more Wilds. Each time one or more Wilds is added to the board, one more re-spin is played. You only get one re-spin per turn. If no additional Wilds appear during a re-spin, the special feature ends.

Dragon Fire Bonus

Wicked Dragon Wilds Dragon Fire BonusThis special feature can activate on any spin at random.

The dragon soars past the reels, shooting fireballs on the board. Every position hit by a fireball will transform existing icons into Wilds.

Wilds granted by the Dragon Fire bonus will trigger the effects of the currently active Wild modifier.

Free Spin

Wicked Dragon Wilds BonusFind three Scatters on reels one, three and five to win the free spins round.

Players unlock one free spin with a Mega Wild that covers the entirety of reels two, three and four.

The free spin is played with the same total bet as the triggering spin.

Dr Reactive

Dr Reactive

After all that magic, we feel like returning to the real world. A place where technology and science are able to create miracles that look like magic to others. Scientific Games takes us to the forefront of the researching world with Dr Reactive. Here, we will research everything. Atoms, DNA, and lightning all come together to create one of the best science themed games we have ever played.

The background image depicts what looks like an elaborate research facility. However, the animations are the most impressive part of this release’s graphics. You play this slot on an eight-reel, eight-row grid with cluster pays instead of traditional paylines. The RTP for this game is 96.11% with Mega Drop active. The top prize you can win while playing this title is a whopping 65,000x your total stake.

Cascading Reels

Dr Reactive Cascading ReelsEvery time a win happens, symbols that were part of the winning combination will explode and disappear.

This leaves behind an empty space that needs to be filled. Existing icons will fall down to fill in these empty positions.

At the same time, brand new symbols will fall from the top of the screen to ensure the reels are always full.

Thanks to cascading reels, we are able to score multiple wins for the cost of a single spin.

Wilds with Multipliers

Dr Reactive Wild MultipliersDuring normal gameplay, Wilds can appear in two forms. They can appear as standard Wilds, or with a multiplier up to 5x. If a Wild with a multiplier is part of a winning combination, it will increase the reward accordingly.

A single Wild can be part of multiple wins during a single cascade. Wins with multiple Wilds will find out their multipliers stack. That means every win can be boosted with a multiplier up to 1000x.

During free falls, Wilds can appear with a 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x or 10x multiplier. Additionally, Wilds will now be held in place instead of disappearing like it does during normal gameplay. Each time one or more winning combinations use a Wild during free falls, its multiplier decreases by two.

The multiplier also goes down by two at the end of each free fall. If a Wild multiplier reaches 2x and it is not part of a win, the aforementioned Wild will disappear from the board.

Atom Reactions

Dr Reactive DNA ReactionAtom icons can appear anywhere on the board. However, they only interact with Lightning and DNA symbols. When an Atom is adjacent to a DNA icon, the DNA reaction triggers.

All symbols on the same column and row as the atom explore and disappear, except for Wilds. Players receive a cash prize of 1x per DNA reaction.

When an Atom lands next to a Lightning icon, it triggers the Lightning Reaction. This time, all instances of the lowest paying symbol will be removed from the grid.

Only one lowest paying icon can be removed at the time.

Free Falls

Dr Reactive Freefall MeterNew symbols landing on the grid increments the free falls meter by one. This can be a result of wins, DNA or Lightning reactions.

If the meter reaches level five or six, players unlock ten free falls. If the meter reaches seven, the number of free spins increases to fifteen.

During free falls, reaching level five in a single spin grants five more free spins. The special feature ends when no more free falls are available.

Tetris Extreme

Tetris Extreme

Video games have become a worldwide phenomenon. Every year, more people try their hands at this ever-expanding hobby. It is enjoyable, regardless if you play something casually on your phone or have a gaming PC or console. However, all video games owe their current popularity to simple titles like Tetris. Now, Tetris Extreme is here to pick up the torch and add its own twist to the popular formula.

The background image depicts a sky filled with thousands of gorgeous stars. You play this game on a seven-reel, ten-row board with cluster pays instead of traditional paylines. Gameplay blends Tetris mechanics and slot gameplay in a completely innovative manner. The RTP for this game is 96.31% with Mega Drop enabled. The top non-progressive jackpot prize you can win is 50,000x your total stake.

Line Clear Multiplier

Tetris Extreme Line ClearWhen a whole row of seven squares appears on the board, it will explode and disappear from view. This makes room for non-complete rows to fall down, while brand new ones appear from the top.

These completed rows increase the currently active multiplier. The multiplier ranges from 1x all the way up to 50x for fifteen or more line clears.

The multiplier applies to all relevant cluster pay wins. The line clear multiplier resets back to 1x at the start of every spin.

Free Spins

Fifteen or more line clears in a single game grants ten free spins. You can win ten more free spins by landing fifteen or more line clears in a single extra turn.

The line clear multiplier resets back to 1x for each free spin.

The bonus is played with the same total bet and payouts as the triggering spin.

Gold Tetrimino

Tetris Extreme Gold SquareThere is a chance a golden tetrimino to appear on the board during free spins.

If a line clear uses all or part of the golden squares, the line clear multiplier is multiplied by 5x.

That means the maximum multiplier increase you can achieve is 250x. This can only occur once per free spin bonus.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold

Rainbow Riches Mega Drop

Rainbow Riches needs no introduction for veteran players. The game exploded in popularity a couple of years ago, and is still producing sequels to this day. Now, players are able to enjoy the familiar Irish-themed release with Mega Drops included. What else have Barcrest and SG Digital prepared for us in this title?

We can see tall mountains and a sprawling field of green grass in the background image. Visuals are kept simple, which will be hit and miss with players. You play this slot on a five-reel, three-row board with twenty fixed paylines. The RTP for Raibnow Riches Pots of Gold is 96.4%. The top prize you can win while playing this game is 5000x your total stake.

Pots of Gold

Rainbow Riches Mega Drop ScatterLand three, four or five Pot of Gold Scatters to win the Pots of Gold bonus. Five Scatters triggers the Pots of Gold Super bonus. The special features are functionally identical, but have different payouts.

Three Scatters allow you to win between 30x and 1000x. Four Scatters grant payouts ranging from 40x and 2000x. Finally, five Scatters unlock rewards from 50x to 5000x.

In all three cases, wins are granted by spinning a wheel and drawing a bronze, silver or gold prize.

Silver Stallion

Silver Stallion

Welcome to the land of cowboys and freedom. The land is vast and empty, allowing you to wander for miles without running into anyone else. To cross such vast distances, you will need the assistance of your trusted Silver Stallion. Join us for a delightful Western experience courtesy of Shuffle Master. Get your cowboy hats and spurs, because we are riding our way to big wins.

The background image depicts a heavily forested area. However, everything in the background is coloured with a red-gold tint, indicating that the sun is setting. You play this game on a five-reel, three-row board with twenty fixed paylines. The RTP for this release is 96.3% with Mega Drop active. The highest prize you can win is 2500x, not counting the progressive jackpot.

Selection Feature

Silver Stallion ScatterBlack and brown hats can appear on every reel. Each reel can have two black hats or three brown hats, but not both at the same time.

Find six hats total on the playing field to unlock the Selection bonus. There, you will be able to pick between free spins and action spins.

Each hat displays a cash prize. All cash prizes are added together to form the action spins pot, which can be won if you choose action spins.

Free Spins

Silver Stallion Free SpinsPicking free spins will grant six turns without any extra costs.

It is possible to trigger the Selection special feature during free spins by landing six or more hats. You can then choose to extend your free spins, or activate Action Spins instead.

You can also land three Tree icons to unlock the wheel feature.

After wheel and action spins are played, the slot will return to playing any remaining free spins.

Action Spins

Silver Stallion Action SpinsChoosing action spins grants three action spins.

You play it on a small wheel, where you can win a variety of prizes.

This includes a cash prize up to 2000x or a cash prize equal to the pot combined with a multiplier. Available multipliers are 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x and 100x.

If activated through the Wheel bonus, the action spins pot will be your total bet.

Wheel Bonus

Silver Stallion Tree BonusLand three Tree bonus symbols to grant the wheel special feature.

It can be activated during normal gameplay and free spins.

The wheel can be used to trigger a cash prize.

If a segment on the wheel also contains the Action Spins logo, it will alos unlock that bonus.

Bier Haus Oktoberfest

Bier Haus Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a long tradition in Germany. Every year thousands of tourists flock to experience the festival. Beer, good food and gorgeous women in traditional outfits. What’s not to love? Push through the crowd and you will find yourself face-to-face with the smiling Heidi once again. Let us see what kind of amazing ales she has in store.

We love how detailed the background is. We can see the large Oktoberfest tent, and a whole lot of beer hidden away in barrels. Clicking or tapping Heidi also makes her react to you touching her. You play this release on a six-reel, six-row board with fifty fixed paylines. The RTP for Bier Haus Oktoberfest is 96.18%. The top prize you can win while playing this game is 20,000x your total stake.

Scatters & Free Spins

Bier Haus ScatterYou can find three types of Heidi on the reels.

Green Heidi can appear everywhere, as can purple Heidi. However, each purple Heidi in a feature trigger grants a persistent Wild in free spins. Red Heidi only appears on reel four, and unlocks one spin of Heidi’s Wheel.

Land five or more of any type of Heidi Scatter to win free spins. The more Scatters you find, the more free spins you win. You start with five, but can win up to 100 extra turns if you find twenty or more Scatters. Partially visible Heidi Scatters count towards free spins activation.

You are guaranteed to win 50x your total stake from free spins. It is also possible to win extra free spins by landing five or more Scatters during the bonus.

Persistent Wilds

If a purple Heidi is part of a free spins activation, she will leave behind a persisting Wild. These Wilds will freeze in place and will remain on the board until free spins end.

Hans Spins

Bier Haus Hans SpinsUp to ten Hans Wilds are added in random positions during the bonus, and they can only appear during free spins.

They can cover all icons except for persisting Wilds.

If a scatter lands behind a Hans Wild symbol that scatter will count towards potential bonus re-triggers.

Heidi’s Wheel

A red Heidi present on reel four during free spins activation grants a spin on Heidi’s wheel. The wheel can grant cash prizes, Hans spins, Bigger Mugs or additional free spins. You can win up to 20,000x on Heidi’s Wheel in cash prizes.

Bigger Mugs

Bier Haus Bigger MugsWild beer mugs will be overlaid on top of existing reels.

These Wilds cover multiple positions, increasing your odds of winning big.

Both Hans Spins and Bigger Mugs can activate randomly during free spins.

Monopoly Big Spin

Monopoly Big Spin

Slot developers have always looked for creative ways to make their games stand out. Sometimes, that means forgoing the very basics of slots in order to create something remarkable. That is exactly what we got from Shuffle Master and Scientific Games with the launch of Monopoly Big Spin. Paylines and reels are set aside in favour of a brand new way to grant wins.

The change is immediately obvious, as the reels are swapped for a spinning, colourful wheel. Rather than hoping they land symbols on a payline, punters have to try and correctly predict where they will land. Guess the right colour or extra field, and you get to win a cash prize or special feature. It is an experience like no other. We are willing to recommend it just for being so innovative.

Free Spins

Monopoly Big Spin Free ParkingBetting and landing on free parking and Go fields will grant a cash prize and free spins.

Free parking grants a 30:1 payout and two free spins, while Go pays 40:1 but awards one free spin.

Bonus Wheel

Monopoly Big Spin ChanceWager on the community chest and chance positions and win them to get a bonus wheel spin.

The bonus wheel can grant prizes ranging from 5x to 200x.

How much you win depends on what figurine you get from the bonus wheel.