Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods LogoGreek mythology is one of the most exploited themes when it comes to online slots. Every software company has released its fair share of mythology-themed online slot machines, equipping their games with ancient Greek deities. However, the Age of the God series from Playtech is something else. They’ve really taken it seriously and so far over a dozen games have been released in the franchise.

The original Age of Gods slot was what kick-started the idea and its positive reception influenced the developers to keep releasing them. What they all share, apart from the common theme, is the progressive jackpot pool, which is one of the greatest in the industry. Age of the Gods titles, for the most part, inherited the mechanics of Playtech’s Marvel-themed progressives. Several games were simply reskinned and marketed as new additions to the series.

The original Age of the Gods game rolled out in June 2016. It is a 5-reel, 20-line online slot game that brings to life numerous figures from Greek mythology and threatens to change your life for the better with a huge-pot progressive jackpot. Age of the Gods is linked to four progressive jackpots. What makes them exceptional is the fact that Age of the Gods jackpots are pooled between all other Age of the Gods games, making the payouts even bigger. The game sports an RTP of 94.03% (excluding the jackpot).

The Jackpot

Age of the Gods

Instead of stressing out over triggering a jackpot bonus round, Age of the Gods players can relax and spin the reels regularly, since the Age of the Gods Mystery Jackpot bonus round is activated randomly. It is a multi-level progressive mini-game which guarantees a win of one of the four progressive jackpots. The four progressives are separate from one another and allow the players to “climb the divine cash ladder” regardless of the size of the bets made. The jackpots on offer in the special round are the Ultimate Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot and Power Jackpot. The Ultimate Power Jackpot is the biggest, seeding at €100,000.

Once the mini-game activates, the reels will disappear and a secondary screen will appear. You know you are bound to win a jackpot, one of the four. The round consists of a picking game in which you need to select coins from a 4×5 grid until you find three that match. Each of the jackpots is represented by its type of coin. Clicking on a coin flips it and reveals the jackpot symbol. Match the three coins from the 20 tiles on display and win the corresponding jackpot. It is that simple. The Age of the Gods Mystery Jackpot game has a timeout timer of 30 seconds. If the player fails to find three matching symbols before the time runs out, the game is automatically played to reveal the prize.

It is not indicated that wagering higher amounts will increase the chances of triggering the bonus round and hitting one of jackpots, but this is most likely the case. Most online slots with randomly triggered jackpot rounds adhere to this custom.

The jackpot values start out with:

  • Power: €50
  • Extra Power: €500
  • Super Power: €5,000
  • Ultimate Power: €100,000

A 0.99% percentage of each bet goes into the jackpot pool. The jackpots are shared across all Playtech online casinos with Age of the Gods games. They grow quickly. When one of the jackpots is won on one of the slots, it will reset in all the others. For example, if a player wins the Super Power Jackpot on Age of the Gods, the same jackpot will reset on Age of the Gods Fate Sisters, Age of the Gods Goddess of Wisdom and so on.

Age of the Gods Gameplay & Features

Age of the Gods Paytable

Prepare to meet the gods as you load the game and hope not to face their wrath. Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Hercules and Aphrodite will look upon you and decide if you are worthy. There are other symbols, of course, most of them related to the theme. Low values belong to card symbols Q, K and A. A warrior’s helmet announces greater wins, whereas character symbols for each of the gods featured will boost your bankroll quite a bit if you manage to collect five of a kind. Athena pays the most, surpassed only by the Wild symbol. The Scatter is represented by the game logo and these do not have to land on a payline in order to issue payouts or trigger one of the bonuses.

Age of the Gods s is played with a fixed number of 20 paylines. Your total bet per game round is your line bet multiplied by 20. There are 5 reels and 3 rows in the game and the line bet can be selected on the Bet Options panel. By clicking ‘−’ or ‘+’ under the Line Bet you will choose the line bet value. You may select the number of spins to be played automatically if you want to, and there is also an option to program the game to spin the reels automatically until the jackpot feature is triggered. Any winning combinations will be clearly highlighted; three or more matching symbols on a payline lining up from the leftmost side will count as a payout.

Each God Gets a Bonus

Age of the Gods Bonus

At least three of the Age of the Gods Scatters need to land on the reels to trigger the main free spins round. Before the free spins can be played out, you need to pick from a grid containing gold coins to find three matching icons. Each coin features a representation of one of the gods and this will determine which bonus feature you win.

Athena Free Spins means you will be awarded 9 free spins with a multiplier of 2x to 5x with every spin. Zeus Free Spins means you will receive 9 free spins with the multiplier increasing by 1x every three spins and an Extra Wild which stays locked in the middle position of the middle reel. During Poseidon Free Spins, you will get to play 9 free games with up to 5 extra Wilds added to the reels after each spin. Finally, Hercules Free Spins will treat you with 9 free plays with a special Hercules Wild stacked on the third reel for the duration of the feature.

There is a possibility to win free games again, once the round of 9 freebies is finished. You have to repeat the picking game, but if you match 3 Hades symbols, the round ends.

Pantheon of Power on Reels is more of a special payout than a feature, but it deserves to be explained, nonetheless. To earn this special reward, you must land all five gods – Athena, Zeus, Hercules, Poseidon and Aphrodite – in any order, on a payline. Do this, and you will be credited with 200x the bet.

Other Age of the Gods Games

Age of the Gods Fate Sisters

Age of the Gods Fate Sisters LogoFate Sisters takes on the theme of three Fates, from Greek mythology, of course. They are Lachesis, Clotho and Atropos. This game features 25 lines and a return rate of 92.95% (not including the jackpot).  The lines here are adjustable, but for the purposes of activating the jackpot feature it is recommendable to keep them all active.

The special features included are based on free spins, but each round has an extra element. Players can benefit from 10 free spins with Locking Wilds, 8 free spins with Random Wilds or 15 free spins with a dynamic multiplier. One of the first titles in the series, Age of the Gods Fate Sisters may not have such polished graphics as some later releases. However, the theme is compelling and the four progressive jackpots are still in play – you just have to match three jackpot symbols in the random “pick-me” mini-game.

Age of the Gods Furious 4

Age of the Gods Furious 4Furious 4 is an epic video slot focusing on four characters – Apollo, Pandora, Hephaestus and Atlas. The Greek Parthenon expands to a wide range of deities, and these figures may not be as popular and well-known as, for example Zeus, Poseidon, Ares or Athena. They are quite interesting nonetheless; Pandora is the first mortal human created by the gods and Atlas is a titan god condemned by Zeus to hold up the heavens above the earth eternally.

There are 4 furious special features in the game. Age of Light, Age of Curiosity, Age of Fire and Age of Endurance are triggered when the corresponding character covers the entire third reel (the slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines). The core of each of these bonus rounds is free spins, and, of course, the biggest treat is the random jackpot “pick-me” feature that delivers one of four networked jackpots.

Age of the Gods God of Storms

Age of the Gods God of StormsGod of Storms was launched in 2017 with 5 reels and 25 paylines. At the moment of release, it was the eighth instalment of the Age of the Gods slot series and brought significant improvements in terms of game aesthetics and functionality. Aeolus, the king of the winds appointed by Zeus to guard the storm winds is the main character in this one. Instead of seeing a symbol of him on the reels, he will appear on the right side of the reel grid to award multipliers.

What’s notable about Age of the Gods God of Storms is that the game slot contains 2 Wilds and no Scatters. The ship is a special Wild. The jackpot game is triggered randomly and will pay out one of the four progressives. There are no free spins, as benefits originate from re-spins and multipliers. God of Storms is played across 5 reels and 25 adjustable paying lines.

Age of the Gods Goddess of Wisdom

Age of the Gods Goddess of Wisdom LogoGoddess of Wisdom refers to Athena, the fierce Greek goddess associated with wisdom, warfare, law, courage and mathematics. She takes on the role of the Wild symbol so you will be seeing quite a lot of her across the 5 reels and 20 paying lines. You may reduce the number of active lines if you want, but keep in mind this reduces the chances of entering the jackpot game. You need to land 3 owl Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger free games with Expanding Wilds.

If you pick Shield, you will receive 10 free spins. Pick Helmet and get 7 free spins, plus a 4x multiplier. If you choose Armour, your reward will be 4 free games with a 2x multiplier. There are four progressive jackpots in play and they can be unlocked at any time simply by betting real money and waiting for the random jackpot game to get activated.

Age of the Gods King of Olympus

Age of the Gods King of OlympusAs you may assume from the title, King of Olympus is about Zeus, the god of all gods. In charge of sky and thunder, Zeus comes equipped with lightning bolts and an epic-looking oversized symbol.  When the game was released in 2016, it was seen as the third part of the Age of the Gods trilogy. Little did people know that many more games were to come in the future.

The King of Olympus Playtech slot game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. The lines are fixed, so you will be playing for maximum lines and therefore you will potentially be able to trigger the jackpot game randomly after any spin. You need to land 3 Scatter symbols (Temple of Zeus symbol) on the same spin to trigger the free spins bonus round. The reward is 10 freebies and a Wild locked on the middle reel throughout the round. Also, a progressive multiplier will be applied – the round starts off with an x2 win multiplier that will increase by x1 on every second spin, leading to an x5 multiplier cap.

Age of the Gods Medusa & Monsters

Age of the Gods Medusa and Monsters LogoMedusa & Monsters is one of the newer additions to the series. It was released in 2018 with a more alternative structure and gameplay. You play it across 6 reels, with 164 ways to win. Medusa is one of the most memorable Greek mythology creatures. She has snakes instead of hair and turns everyone who gazes upon her into stone. Sounds scary, but you will be safe spinning the reels of this Playtech release as you will be applying for four pooled progressive jackpots, Expanding Wilds and Moving Wilds in the Free Spin feature.

When compared to the early Age of the Gods slots, Medusa & Monsters gets quite creative with the special features. During the Free Spin round, you select a symbol to become “petrified”, remaining on the reels as sticky Wilds. The game is rich in animations and can be quite dramatic – let’s not forget the jackpot mini-game on top of all the Greek soap-opera events you are subjected too. In a good way, of course.

Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus

Age of the Gods Prince of OlympusPrince of Olympus slot machine is dedicated to the mythological hero Hercules. The mighty Hercules has been brought to life many times before in games, movies, TV programs and whatnot, but Playtech knows how to make overused characters and themes seem fresh and exciting. Son of Zeus and mortal Alcmene, Hercules is famous for being divinely strong and for going on long adventures. Therefore, Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus is an adventurous slot, offering special features such as the Hydra Bonus feature, the Hercules Rage feature, the Herculean Strength feature and the Free Spin feature.

It is often said for a slot that it is “feature-packed”. This definitely stands for Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus, as these bonuses include re-spins, Expanding Wilds, multiplied cash prizes, free spins and some gorgeous animations. To win any of the four jackpots, you must randomly trigger the picking round. Regularly, Prince of Olympus is played with 5 reels and 25 lines.

Age of the Gods Apollo Power

Age of the Gods Apollo PowerAccording to ancient Greek mythology, Apollo is a god associated with many things, from archery, medicine and music to knowledge and disease. He deserved an Age of the Gods slot, even if it only focuses on the Sun and light as his domains. The game looks superb and runs on 6 reels, delivering 50 paying lines.

The Apollo Power Respins feature is the main power-play here. The special feature is activated whenever the Sun Wild appears on the reels. It will award free respins and also move to another position after each one, leaves Wild symbols on the path it goes across. Similarly to the other games in the Age of the Gods network, there is a random jackpot game lurking around the corner for a chance to take one of the four pooled jackpot rewards.

Age of the Gods Epic Troy

Age of the Gods Epic TroyEpic Troy was released in late 2019, bringing another epic story to the screen in the form of a progressive jackpot slot. Not any progressive jackpot slot, clearly, being part of the immensely popular progressive jackpot series – Age of the Gods. This instalment focuses on the tale of the Trojan War; therefore, you will see symbols of Paris of Troy and Helen, the wife of the Spartan king Menelaus. This is another feature-packed release, sporting bonus elements such as Helen Respin Bonus, Paris Respin Bonus and Achilles Respin Bonus with stacked symbols and symbol transformation effects.

Additionally, the game delivers a thrilling free spins feature with 6 free games awarded after landing 3, 4 or 5 Trojan Horse Scatters. During the entire round, only high-value icons and specials are in play, forming stacks and increasing the win potential. Obviously, the progressive jackpot can be triggered on any paid spin in the base game.

Age of the Gods Mighty Midas

Age of the Gods Mighty MidasMighty Midas online slot revolves around the tale of King Midas, the one who turned everything he touched into gold. In Playtech’s take on the Greek mythology theme, Midas appears on a reel grid made out of 4 rows and 5 reels. There are 40 fixed paylines in the game, and symbols such as grapes, goblets, apples and roses, instead of standard playing card icons. Other character symbols include Dionysus (the god of wine), Marigold (Midas’ daughter), Lityerses (the demonic reaper of men), Silenus (companion and tutor to Dionysus).

Age of the Gods Mighty Midas introduces Midas Touch symbols; they appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 and every time they land they will point out to a symbol to the left and convert it into a Golden Wild. Golden Wilds can become 2x and 3x Golden Wilds and players can also benefit from the Emerald Bonus, Amber Spins, the Ruby Spins, Amethyst Spins and Sapphire Lots of things going on, but the jackpot mini-game stays the same – you can enter it randomly to pick from 20 coins. Match 3 of the same kind representing one of the four jackpots and you’ve won.

Age of the Gods Ruler of the Sky

Age of the Gods Ruler of the Sky LogoRuler of the Sky was released in 2018 and it focuses on Pegasus, the mythical white horse with wings. As with all the Age of the Gods slots, the artwork is fabulous. The game sports 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 fixed paylines. Pegasus takes on the role of the Wild and will appear stacked on multiple reels.

Age of the Gods Ruler of the Sky is not as packed with bonus rounds as Mighty Midas, for example, or Prince of Olympus. The main special feature is the Free Games round, which activates when the game logo symbol (Scatter) lands simultaneously on reels 2, 3 and 4 and awards 5 free spins with unlimited re-trigger potential. The frequency of Pegasus Wilds increases in the free spins round. Enjoyable as it is, Age of the Gods Ruler of the Sky also comes complete with the Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power jackpots.

Age of the Gods Glorious Griffin

Age of the Gods Glorious GriffinGlorious Griffin is one of the latest additions to the series, launched in summer 2020. For this one, Playtech decided to apply a different game structure. It features 6 reels, 4 rows and 4,096 paylines, which is not typical for other titles in the series. Expanding symbols, however, is something we’ve seen before in some instalments. Age of the Gods Glorious Griffin does a unique spin on this feature, allowing symbols to expand in all 4 directions, calling it Ways Plus.

The main Glorious Griffin Bonus Game awards 8, 15, 25 or 100 spins, as long as you collect 3, 4, 5 or 6 Scatters, respectively. More Scatters during the round add more freebies and the probability of getting the Ways Plus feature off are increased. The graphics are glorious, and so are the four jackpots available in a randomly-triggered jackpot game.

Age of the Gods Norse King of Asgard

Age of the Gods Norse King of AsgardIt was a matter of time when Playtech would run low on Greek mythology characters to base their Age of the Gods games, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they turned to Norse mythology recently. Age of the Gods Norse King of Asgard was developed by Ash Gaming for Playtech and released in early 2020. Instead of Poseidon, Apollo or Athena, you will see Odin, Thor and Loki strutting across the screen.

Odin’s Fury Respins is the main bonus feature in the game. You can trigger it by stacking a reel fun of Odins. The Odin Wild symbol will be locked in place during repeated spins, and will then shift one reel to the left after any wins are collected. If Loki appears, he will push Odin back to the right. If Odin gets moved off the reels, the round ends.

Norse-inspired Age of the Gods games have a different jackpot structure than the rest of the titles from the series. There are three jackpots which can be awarded randomly. The biggest is the Ultimate Jackpot; it equals the Ultimate Power Jackpot and can be won randomly on any spin. The Extra Jackpot must pay by the amount shown and the Daily Jackpot must pay by time and date shown. The higher the bet, the higher the chances of scoring a jackpot.

Age of the Gods Norse Book of Dwarves

Age of the Gods Norse Book of DwarvesFor this one, Playtech turned to the written works of Norse mythology known as the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda. They mention a lot of dwarves and so these mythological beings are included in this gorgeously designed slot. The game has a 5×5 grid layout, with 50 active paylines. Free Spins are the main special feature, activated by at least 3 Scatters.

While you get 10 freebies initially, you can earn more by landing more Scatters and moving onto higher levels. One of the regular symbols is selected from the dwarves’ book and it will expand during free spins to turn into a massive 3×3 symbol whenever it lands on the reels. The three-tier jackpot scheme is here, as well, with the Ultimate Jackpot being awarded randomly, while the Extra and Daily drop at a given amount or within a certain timeframe.

Age of the Gods Norse Gods & Giants

Age of the Gods Norse Gods and GiantsIn Age of the Gods Norse Gods & Giants, the gods and Viking warriors clash. The game rolled out in June 2020, sporting 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 paying lines. It has some interesting features and outstanding design. From Wilds and oversized Scatters to respins and free games, Age of the Gods Norse Gods & Giants will keep you invested every second you spend on it.

The Free Spins feature is activated by landing 3×3 Scatters on the three middle reels. The initial reward is 8 free spins, but the feature comes with unlimited retriggers. The Power Nudge feature also makes the game more dynamic and interactive. Age of The Gods Norse Gods & Giants slot machine features three jackpots: Ultimate, Extra and Daily, of which the Ultimate Jackpot is the networked progressive.

Age of the Gods Norse Ways of Thunder

Age of the Gods Norse Ways of Thunder LogoAge of the Gods Norse Ways of Thunder shakes thing’s up a bit, incorporating 3,125 ways to win instead of traditional paylines. The Wild symbol here is Thor’s hammer and the golden bonus coin is the Scatter. Land 3, 4 or 5 hammer Scatter symbols to win 8, 20 or 50 free spins, respectively. The Lighting Feature is what makes Age of the Gods Norse Ways of Thunder unique. You go up a level each time you land a winning combination. There are 6 levels, starting at 45 ways to win up to the maximum of 3,125 winways.

While chasing that Mjolnir, pay attention to the available jackpots. They are awarded randomly, yet the chance of winning one is directly relative to your stake. The Ultimate Jackpot seeds at £/€100,000 and goes up with every bet in the network. The Extra and the Daily have their limitations but can still amount to decent prizes.

Age of the Gods Ruler of the Seas

Age of the Gods Ruler of the SeasIf your favourite character from the ancient Greek Mythology is Poseidon, Age of the Gods Ruler of the Seas is the slot for you. It was launched in 2019, sporting 5 reels and initially 30 paying lines. There are 5 respin features waiting if you collect 2 Scatter symbols represented by the trident. In this mode, the reels expand to 5×6 and there are 60 win lines.

During the free spins, which are activated with at least 3 Scatters on the board, the game runs on a 5×8 reel grid and 90 paylines. High-value symbols land in stacks and you can choose one of 5 respin and free spins features. For some players, the concept may seem a bit complicated. Luckily, the jackpot game hasn’t changed a bit. You can enter it randomly and you just need to match 3 jackpot symbols for a payout.

Age of the Gods Rulers of Olympus

Age of the Gods Rulers of OlympusMount Olympus is ruled by Zeus, but he often confronts other gods, and Rulers of Olympus is a slot game about godly quarrels up there, high above the reach of the mortals. What makes this game unique is the fact that it contains three different Wilds. There is the regular Wild symbol, and also Wilds featuring Hera and Zeus. They are the key ingredient for triggering the Battle for Power Free Games. In the base game, the slot runs on 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paying lines.

When the Zeus and Hera Wilds land opposite each other on the same row, Zeus on the left, the Battle for Power Free Games begins. The Wilds will shift and battle, which will add more Wilds to the board. When the Scatter lands on the 5th reel, you will be awarded 7 free spins to play them across 50 win lines and with only high-value icons on the board. Ultimately, the four jackpots in play will have you soaring high above Mount Olympus peak.

Age of the Gods Lord of Lightning

Age of the Gods Lord of LightningBeing the god of thunder and the sky, Zeus is deserving of several Age of the Gods slots to be dedicated to him. Lord of Lightning is a newer release, launched in early 2020. Apart from acting as the game’s Wild, Zeus will also appear on the side of the reels with a lightning bolt in his hand. The game is equipped with a free spins round; 3, 4 or 5 Phoenix Scatters will reward you with 10, 20 or 30 free spins respectively.

Lord of Lightning seems to be a “limited edition” type of game. You can’t find it at all Playtech-powered casinos.  When you do come across it, know that it doesn’t feature all the jackpots that form an integral part of the other Age of the Gods slots. It only has one progressive jackpot, which can be won by lining up 5 Zeus symbols on one of the paylines.

Age of the Gods Ruler of the Dead

Age of the Gods Ruler of the DeadRuler of the Dead is the late 2020 release for Playtech, coming in hot, joining the Age of Gods bunch. This one focuses on the ancient underworld and features characters such as Cerberus, Hermes, Nyx, Persephone, Tartarus and Charon, the ferryman of Hades who transports the souls across the River Styx to the world of the dead. The structure of the game is standard – 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed paylines. The graphics are no less than superb and fitting for the series.

Cerberus triggers the Gates of Hell bonus which comes with 6 different levels. You have to open some doors and if you find Cerberus behind them you will end the feature. Otherwise, you will bag sizeable prizes. Thread of Fate is another feature in the game, activated by three Fate Sisters symbols in view. You will also have to make choices and cut spindles to reveal cash prizes. The 4-tier jackpot game is a cherry on top of the fun and gorgeous-looking game that is Age of the Gods Ruler of the Dead, even if it doesn’t come with any spectacular innovations.

Biggest Jackpot Wins

Age of the Gods games are known for having rather active progressive jackpots; they grow fast and they are paid fairly frequently. With more and more titles being added to the series, the company doesn’t struggle in the slightest to keep the jackpots alive and attractive for the casino players across their online network. Take a look at some of the notable wins generated on Age of the Gods reels.

Ultimate Power Jackpot won on Playtech’s Age of the Gods at £559,988

Whereas the Age of the Gods Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot and a Super Power Jackpot typically pay out on a daily and weekly basis, the Ultimate Power Jackpot pays out around $628,621 every 6-7 weeks. A win of $771,603 (€630,750 or £559,988) was reported in January 2018. Not many details were revealed about this particular win, but we know that it was the 56th win for the jackpot since 2010.

1M Jackpot Won on Age of the Gods King of Olympus

William Hill gambler became a lucky winner of a $997,690 jackpot while playing Age of the Gods King of Olympus in 2017. The lucky fella was betting just $1 per spin when he received a bonus and with that boost he ultimately scooped the chief prize. The anonymous 48-year old male European player admitted that Age of the Gods King of Olympus is his favourite game and that previously he had won smaller amounts on it. On this fortunate occasion, he became an instant millionaire. By that time, Playtech paid out a staggering €154m in jackpot payouts to more than 33,000 monthly winners and was paying daily jackpots to 1,090 people.

Six-Figure Playtech Age of the Gods Jackpot Paid in 2019 Holiday Win

The Ultimate Power jackpot was won just in time to bid farewell to the year 2019. The prize is the largest of the four available progressives in the Age of the Gods series, and it was triggered while at a whopping $579,758. The previous time this jackpot was won the amount paid was just under $1 million and six weeks passed for a new trigger to happen.

The Age of the Gods Ultimate Power Jackpot Hit at $803,093

In January 2019, a lucky online casino player managed to hit the Age of the Gods Ultimate Power Jackpot, becoming richer for an impressive cash prize of $803,093. This particular win the 64th hit on the game since the year 2010. Back then, gamblers were able to play for the Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot. The biggest recorded win for the Ultimate Power occurred when the pool was still attached to the Marvel series thanks to the Marvel and Playtech’s licensing deal. The amount paid was $1,365,801, won at Titan Casino.